64bit Seamonkey and 32bit Adobe Reader

I needed to fill a form that required Adobe Reader. So, I made my Slackware64 13.37 system multilib, following AlienBob’s instructions. Then, I installed xulrunner and adobe-reader from SBo and did the necessary to make adobe-reader use my GTK+ theme.
Since I’ve gone this far, I wanted it to  also integrate in Seamonkey. I installed mozplugger, and deleted this from my home folder: ~/.mozilla/seamonkey/xxxxxxxx.default/pluginreg.dat

Opened a PDF from PubMed and it just worked! Well, occasionally after closing, acroread would not exit and cause 100% load of all CPU cores… the only solution I found was to kill the process with:

killall acroread -s KILL

One Comment on “64bit Seamonkey and 32bit Adobe Reader”

  1. […] Since this is the particular PDF viewer I like to use, I uncommented it and proceeded as described previously. The instructions are for Seamonkey, but the steps work analogously for […]

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