Mounting an iPhone on CRUX

The old iPhone saga continues. I use my phone quite “lightly”, but every couple of years I think it’s a good idea to clean the photos and videos. Should be easy enough right? Heh… I naively plugged it in and nothing happened. Well, the libimobiledevice project is iPhone’s friend on Linux. So, i decided to prepare a few ports.

I created the following ports for CRUX 3.6.1: libplist, libimobiledevice-glue, libusbmuxd, libimobiledevice, usbmuxd, and ifuse, which is the “top” one. The complete build tree ([i] = installed, '-->' = seen before) looks like that:

[i] ifuse
[i]   fuse
[i]   usbmuxd
[i]     libimobiledevice
[i]       libusbmuxd
[i]         libimobiledevice-glue
[i]           libplist
[i]             python
[i]               db
[i]               gdbm
[i]                 readline
[i]                   ncurses
[i]               openssl
[i]               bzip2
[i]               zlib
[i]               sqlite3
[i]                 readline -->
[i]                 zlib

The fuse module should be loaded, so I have it in /etc/rc.modules:

modprobe fuse

The usbmuxd daemon should be running, so I added it to the SERVICES line in /etc/rc.conf.

The iPhone (iOS 15.3.1) must be unlocked when you plug it in, otherwise it will not be recongised. My gvfs does not automatically mount it, so I had to simply mount like this:

ifuse somefolder

Works for now…

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