Slackware related

Slackware | The Slackware Linux project
SBo | the largest collection of SlackBuilds
LQ | The Slackware forum at LinuxQuestions
SlackOnly | Binary packages built from SBo
sbopkg | SBo package browser
sbotools | A ports-like interface to SBo
slackpkg+ | A slackpkg plugin for third-party repositories
slackrepo | A highly automated tool to manage own package repositories
slack-wallpapers | A collection of Slackware-dedicated wallpapers.


PubMed | More than 21 million citations for biomedical literature
ISI | Web of Knowledge
BLAST | BLAST finds regions of similarity between biological sequences
UCSC | Reference sequence and working draft assemblies for genomes
Ensembl | Genome databases for vertebrates and other eukaryotic species
EBI | European Bioinformatics Institute
UniProt | Resource of protein sequence and functional information
FASTA | Protein Similarity Search
GeneWise | Compares a protein sequence to a genomic DNA equence
PAL2NAL | A codon alignment program
GENSCAN | Identification of complete gene structures in genomic DNA
Fancy Gene | Dynamic visualization of gene structures and proteins
HMMER | Protein alignment/profile-HMM
SMART | Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool
MyDomains | Protein topology image Creator
PROTTER | Visualization of proteoforms
ELM | European Bioinformatics Institute
DisMeta | Disorder prediction Meta server
ExPASy | Bioinformatics resource portal
I-TASSER | A platform for protein structure and function predictions
SWISS-MODEL | Protein structure homology-modeling server
CPHmodels | A protein homology modeling server | Protein Structure Prediction
PHYRE2 | Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine
BBCU | Bioinformatics & Biological Computing
CBS | CBS Prediction Servers
Primer3 | Pick primers from a DNA sequence
idtDNA | OligoAnalyzer
ANCHOR | Prediction of Protein Binding Regions in Disordered Proteins
CAPS | Coevolution analysis using protein sequences
ESTScan | Detect coding regions in DNA sequences
GPS | Group-base Prediction System
LOGO | A sequence logo generator
NetNGlyc | Predicts N-Glycosylation sites
PFAM | Generate custom Pfam-style domain graphics

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