Backup with rsync

I decided to finally get into the habit of backing up my home folder regularly. Till now, I just copied everything to an external hard drive every couple of weeks, which isn’t the smartest way. Therefore, I wanted to do things in a somewhat ‘smarter’ manner.

Sure, I knew about rsync but I had never used it…
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ClamAV user permissions

Whenever I install my ready packages from one machine to another, I keep forgetting that ClamAV needs its user and group (uid=210 and gid=210), as suggested. The script will prompt you to add them as this: Read the rest of this entry »

More firewall scripts

Following this discussion at LQ, I would like to take a note of a few more options for a rc.firewall: Read the rest of this entry »


Problem: I do not know iptables
Solution: Use a firewall script I found years ago in a Slackware security guide written by Chess Griffin. Create an empty file and name it rc.firewall. Read the rest of this entry »