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Three years for Slackalaxy…

It has been three years :) Recently I made a major revision of all posts, using code tags and cleaning up the formatting. Most of the downloads now point to Dropbox, too. I changed the theme several times and I … Continue reading

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Quod Libet: an audio player with a XINE backend

An audio player that can use XINE as its backend is Quod Libet. XINE comes with the default Slackware install, and the package you need specifically is xine-lib. Quod Libet is available at SBo, but the version there is quite … Continue reading

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Slackonly: an update

Slackonly is a repository for Slackware packages, compiled from the scripts at SBo. Compilation is done by the excellent slackrepo tool, which ensures the building of clean packages. SlackOnly is not an official repo and is not affiliated with SBo.

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Heroes III

I like to keep Heroes III around for the old times’ sake. I have the Complete edition, which unfortunatelly has no Linux version. The Complete edition can be installed and played via WINE, but it is not stable and keeps … Continue reading

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