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Two years for slackalaxy…

It has been two years. :) This makes total of 71 posts, over 11,000 views and 30 comments, including my own replies.

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Zotero bibliography manager

I have been looking for a good bibliography manager for Linux. I have used Bibus in the past, it it does not seem to work with the new versions of or LibreOffice. Luckily, I got a great tip from … Continue reading

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gdm Init

I am using XFCE and decided to make my laptop boot directly to X. So, I installed gdm from SBo and changed the runlevel in /etc/inittab:

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Faster boot

I usually do not care too much about my system boot time. Slackware running on modern hardware, especially with a SSD for / (root file system) will boot very fast without any additional tweaking. My laptop, however, does not have … Continue reading

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Local .desktop files

In XFCE, whenever I needed to customize some menu entry, I would just go to /usr/share/applications/ and edit the corresponding .desktop file. This applies the changes globally and whenever the program is updated the modified .desktop file will be overwritten.

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