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Installing from a USB

I had never installed an operating system from a USB stick. However, I had to deal with a netbook (dual core Atom CPU and 1 GB of RAM) that had no CD-ROM. It was not for my own use, so … Continue reading

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Cell values as rows in a spreadsheet

I have some spreadsheet data where the first column lists the position of a certain amino acid within a protein. There areĀ  many amino acid sites that are skipped, therefore the rows do not follow the actual, uninterrupted, amino acid … Continue reading

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Custom protein topology schemes

I need to generate custom graphics of several proteins (in fact nearly 30). I have the domain organisation predicted at the SMART database, the N-glycosylation sites at NetNGlyc and the possible phosphorylation targets at NetPhos. I also have identified short … Continue reading

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Slackonly: packages built from SBo

I read about a new project at SlackWorld, with a domain called Slackonly. It provides a repository of packages (for the x86_64 architecture at the moment) built by the scripts at The repository contains MD5 sums and GPG signatures … Continue reading

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Recovering installed packages

I came across an interesting discussion at LQ, about extracting a package from its installation and recovering the installable package. Useful if you want to uninstall something, but are not sure if you may need it in the future.

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