Monthly Archives: March 2014

Firefox oldschool toolbar

I do not like the default Firefox toolbar (since whatever version), which looks like this:

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LibreOffice Impress slideshow

It seems LibreOffice Impress has some bug with the Intel video card of my work computer. Whenever I want to enter slideshow a new entry appears in the task bar, the application becomes unresponsive and nothing happens.

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Building on multiple cores

Sometimes, I want to build a package as fast as possible. I have done this, when I had to make a new SlackBuild for something large and I just want to see if all requirements are met.

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ClamAV user permissions

Whenever I install my ready packages from one machine to another, I keep forgetting that ClamAV needs its user and group (uid=210 and gid=210), as suggested. The script will prompt you to add them as this:

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