One year for slackalaxy…

This includes 40 posts, over 3000 views and whole 3 comments! ;)

slackpkg+ 0.9.1

As zerouno mentioned here, a new version of slackpkg+ is available. From it’s website:

The Slackpkg+ project is a simple plugin that allow the user to add third-party repositories to slackpkg so to use a single tool for keep update the slackware installation and to install non-official packages.

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xgamma & xbacklight

Back to using XFCE. My experience with KDE was a nice run, but I miss the simplicity of GTK :) Anyway, it seems that the XFCE panel brightness plugin does not remember the settings after log off. Read the rest of this entry »

kdm Xsetup

When using KDE, I like to boot into runlevel 4 and have the nice KDM login manager. However, I also like to set the gamma of my screen to a lower value. When booting into runlevel 3, I would just place the following in the beginning of my ~/.xinitrc: Read the rest of this entry »