Tumbler: disabling ODF and PDF

Since XFCE 4.10, Thunar does not display thumbnails for some PDF files. There was a short discussion on LQ started by me, but I did not find a solution. Anyway, it annoys me, so I would prefer to have no thumbnails for PDF files rather than that. Also, I do not like to have thumbnails for ODF files. So, what to do? Read the rest of this entry »

BroodWar on Slackware64

After making the system multilib, it’s time to compile wine. In my experience, the latest version of wine that let StarCraft work right away is 1.2.2 — let’s use this for now… Read the rest of this entry »

Slackware64 multilib

Upgraded to Slackware 14, installed almost all software needed from slackbuilds.org and now is time for some final adjustments: making the system multilib. The reason is that I like to play StarCraft for the old days’ sake :) Read the rest of this entry »